Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Self Talk about Happiness

Happiness is the feeling of being pleased or satisfied. Happiness as a word just expresses a feeling but as a fact in our life it’s the feeling that we are always talking about, looking for, arguing about and we may spend long time thinking how to reach it.

I was thinking about what happiness means to me and the first question that came to my mind is: “What are the happiest moments in my life?” and I came up with several moments like graduation, marriage, birth of my kids, success in my professional life and so on.
But I thought does it mean that happiness is just moments that comes occasionally into my life with specific events? Is it wise to reduce my happiness to few moments in my life? And I asked when can I feel happy? The answer was when I get what I want I will surely feel happy; but if I don’t? I will feel unhappy; but if I don’t get exactly what I want? I won’t feel happy for the rest of my life. And if I get something else that may be better than I expect? For sure I won’t notice it, I am focusing only on what I want and waiting for it. And when I noticed that I am limiting myself to a set of wants without them I won’t feel happy I realized how I am oppressing myself, I am hard to myself and depriving myself from many pleasures and opportunities (that I don’t know) which may come my way and I won’t see because I am looking for something else.

What if I make it simpler? Just live in the present moment, be myself, do my best, be grateful, connect with people, keep my focus on others and not myself, simply live and not be attached to any outcomes. 

Just live with an open mind and heart. 

This was my self talk about how to feel happy, what is yours?

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